Sunday, July 17, 2011

Anime 101

The only thing that makes anime better is having some people to share it with.  An enjoyable show is even better when you have friends at your side checking it out.  If they like the same things you like, that just gives you more to talk about!  This is definitely true with anime, and getting together with a gang of friends for some anime fun is an absolute blast.

Of course, getting those friends together to watch anime can be a little tough.  I wish I realized how much better I had it when I was in high school.  While I talked with a few friends about anime, I definitely didn't search out other friends and acquaintances that were anime viewers.  All these years later I find out about people I know that love anime, but we never chatted about it all those years ago.  I missed out on all that fun!

I've heard quite a few people talking about anime being a hot topic in their schools.  Of course, some schools are full of teens that want nothing to do with anime, but it seems like most have at least a good amount of students that dig anime.  High school is also the perfect place to start an anime club and make new friends with fans you didn't know!

Do you have classmates that are into anime?  Do you spend time at school chatting about the latest anime you watched?  Have you ever started or been a part of an anime club at your school?  If not, maybe this is the year you change that!

Even if you're out of school, let us know if your work buddies watch anime and talk about it around the watercooler.  Doesn't matter where you make the anime friends, since it's just fun to have them!


  1. Never really have the chance to watch any with friends, I just talk about it with pals the next time I see them. I am taking an animation course in college though, so it's easy find people interested in it.
    We often watch anime during class with a projector too.

  2. When I used to be in HS, anyone who liked anime were all too otaku for me. So I tried to keep my distance.

    And work...well... I work in the evening, so the only time to socialize I would have been in the middle of the day at lunch, but since I don't work then, I don't really talk to many people.

  3. i'd hang out with my friends and we talk about different anime series. i even went to the anime club at my high school.