Friday, July 29, 2011

Taboo: Hentai's place in anime

To each his own, that's what I always say.  I am in no place to judge anyone for what they do and what they like.  So long as what they partake in in life doesn't hurt others, I say more power to them.  That line of thinking applies to a lot of areas in life, but obviously we're relating it to the world of anime.  More specifically, we're going to dive into the topic of hentai.

Hentai is a big reason why anime in general gets a bad wrap.  There are plenty of people that believe all anime is hentai, and that's why they have such a problem with it.  Hentai is indeed very graphic in a sexual nature, and it's not meant for younger audiences by any means.  Somewhere along the line, people get introduced to hentai and they automatically equate it to anime in general.

That's quite an ignorant way of looking at things, if you ask me.  Having this viewpoint would be like watching traditional pornography, and thinking that all TV and film is like that.  No one in their right mind would ever make that connection, so why do they believe anime to be like this?  I guess some people are just so offended by overtly sexual cartoons that they don't want to take the time to learn just what they're looking at.

Of course, there's the heavy rape overtones in some hentai that take things even further.  Again, while I may find this kind of content a bit too heavy and disturbing for my own interests, I know there are others out there that enjoy this sort of fantasy.  With this sort of theme running through hentai, it actually gives the entire genre an even worse name.  We're looking at a huge cultural divide here, and the overall hentai presentation just doesn't sit right with many people.

How do you feel about hentai?  Do you think it gives anime a bad name?  Are you okay with it existing, but not partaking?  Are you into it at all?  No worries, you won't be judged here, no matter what your answer!


  1. The way I see, hentai comes in when fanservice isn't exactly enough.

    Mind you, some actually have proper storylines mixed in (I kid you not), but there's so many typical ones out there and the scale of it makes it seem like anime is 50% hentai, 35% fanserviced and 15% "normal".

    It's out there, you can't deny and I don't feel impartial to it. Where I draw the line is usually the sub-genres of anime being mixed with it. I was watching a reaction video to "Boku no Pico" and I was thoroughly creeped out and laughing my bum off. If you don't believe me, search YouTube for Boku no Pico reactions. Bring tissues for your tears of horror/laughter.

    So, yaoi and shotacon are off-limits for me (I do fine with yuri, no need to ask why) and hentai on a whole is just human nature animated in a form enjoyable to most people.

  2. As for me, i hate Hentai (i respect that other people like it, though). The only Hentai i really watch is the Yaoi ones, but there are only 2 Real Yaoi hentai animes anyways... and the only reason i watch them, is cuz' of the Huge Shortage of Yaoi animes overall... -.-

    Btw, i've seen Boku no Pico and it's sequels, and i can barely call that Yaoi... >.>

  3. One of my roommates thinks most anime is just hentai and I'm strange for watching it. We got into an argument about it.

  4. Yeah Hentai gives anime a bad name. It's really easy to group anime and hentai together since they look the same visually.