Monday, July 25, 2011

From no anime to big interest

A lot of people out there believe that changing minds when it comes to anime is impossible.  I'll admit that there are a few people that just aren't willing to open their minds and try something new, and nothing you ever say will change how they feel.  With that said, there are indeed people that say that they want nothing to do with anime, but it's possible to help them change their mind.  That happened to me this past week.

One of my aunts just didn't want anything to do with anime.  She knew that her son was meeting up with me and other family members to watch Death Note, but she opted to stay out of the get-togethers.  What was her reason for hanging back?  She said she didn't want to get together and watch cartoons.  Hearing a statement like that hurts me doubly, because it's a family member that has that opinion!  I desperately wanted to change her mind about that.

Everything really came together last week during vacation.  As I said awhile back, much of my family was watching Death Note.  We were going to wrap the series this week in North Carolina, and that's exactly what happened.  I guess all that Death Note action showed my aunt that the series was worth looking into.  Since I had the manga in North Carolina as well, she started reading that...and couldn't stop.

Before I knew it, my aunt had read through all 12 manga books!  She finished the entire series on vacation, and that lead to a complete turnaround from her.  How do I know she's willing to give anime a shot now?  After wrapping up the manga, she said she couldn't wait to watch the anime!  If that's not a 100% turnaround, I don't know what is.  Once she watches that, who knows where we'll go next!


  1. That is awesome! Congrats RMC!!

  2. Yeah usually it's harder to convince older people since they are set in their ways, but congrats on convincing your aunt :D

  3. My wife always ask me when I'm watching anime: what are you watching?