Monday, July 11, 2011

What is your favorite defining element of anime?

Anime is indeed a very unique medium for telling stories.  Much like any other entertainment form out there, anime takes ideas from various mediums and twists it into its own brand of broadcast features.  Anime also injects its own new, fresh ideas as well.  The end result is something truly special, and something that most audiences aren't really aware of.  Thankfully we all appreciate what anime offers and have fallen in love since our first series!

As I said, anime is a conglomerate of all sorts of things.  They're mashed together into a product that brings its own vibe and sensibilities with it.  I think first and foremost would have to be the visual style that is hugely different from what you see in the rest of the world.  The moment your eyes hit the TV/movie screen, you can instantly see a unique approach to animation.  Of course, that's the just the beginning of what anime brings to the table!

I'd love to hear what you personally believe to be the most defining element of anime for you.  That one feature that you really think made you fall in love with anime as a whole.  I'm not talking about a specific series or movie, but instead, a characteristic of most anime that really shapes what the entire industry puts out.  Visuals are just one example, but you can also say that the storylines, characters, settings, and even fan service are what you enjoy most about anime!

For me, I'm going to have to take the road often traveled by choosing visuals.  I really cannot state enough just how gorgeous I find anime to be.  Not all anime features are created equally, but by and large, I find anime visually stunning.  Backgrounds in particular really drive home a sense of realism and warmth for the story that's taking place.  I can't tell you how many times I've watched an anime and thought about some of those backdrops becoming the wallpaper on my computer!

Fill us in on that one anime element that made you fall in love.  Anything is fair game, and I'm sure you have some unique ideas!


  1. The display of everyday modern and traditional Japanese life/culture and the invoking of emotions from happy to sad and such, I think those are the defining elements that sucked me into the world of anime. Learning while watching and also feeling emotionally affected by what I watch. Also the creativity of certain anime, I love shows that inspire the imagination.

  2. I think the defining thing for me, aside from the animation and the style which are (awesome) givens, was the strangeness and unpolished qualities of the dubbed anime I first saw like Gundam Wing and Cowboy Bebop.

    I'd never heard anything like them before, each one was different, sounded so unlike other cartoon voices and could range from excellent to god-awful, and therein lies the charm for me.

  3. Hm...That's a tough question to answer. I mean I guess it's the story. Everything else comes second I guess. Because an anime can be as gorgeous as ever, but if it doesn't have a great story/plot that is engaging, it will just be boring. Hm...that parallels with another hobby of mine :V