Monday, July 18, 2011

How just one comment can ruin someone's anime experience

This past weekend, I was at a friend's wedding.  There were all sorts of old and new friends there, and I had the pleasure of hanging out with all of them in the same place.  The conversation went all over the place, but it eventually settled on anime for a little bit.  That's when I heard one story from a friend about anime, and it's definitely one of the sadder stories I've heard.

Most people are going to come across an anime experience whether they know what they're seeing or not.  My one friend happened to stumble upon Akira as his first anime.  If you're looking for an amazing anime to see as your first feature, Akira is definitely an amazing one!  Can you imagine your much younger self finding Akira on TV and seeing it for the first time?

My friend was enjoying Akira so much that he ran to get a video tape to pop into the VCR.  He wanted to make sure he recorded the experience to save, and was dedicated enough to run up to the VCR every time a commercial would come on.  He'd stop the recording in order to cut the commercials from the movie, and was looking forward to having the full thing to own.

A little bit into the movie, my friend's dad wandered in and asked what he was recording.  When he saw the TV and what his son was watching, he looked absolutely disgusted.  He then told his kid that he couldn't believe he was wasting his time on cartoons...and just left the room.  It was that moment that my friend stopped watching anime.

That was years and years ago, but now he's looking to get back into anime.  He wants to wipe that bad memory out of his head, and he's really excited to check out the content that we've been talking about lately.  I honestly cannot wait to get him back into anime, especially now that he knows how out of line his dad was!


  1. wow, thats pretty harsh...

  2. cartoons? *remembers the seen where the chick gets her shirt ripped off and her face punched*