Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Anime/Game crossover - Catherine

I'm thinking that everyone on this blog is an anime fan, at some level or another.  What I don't know is how many video game fans are reading as well.  I'd like to think that the crossover is pretty good, but you never really know.  With that said, I'm going to take the time to mention a crossover between the two worlds of entertainment, and it's name is Catherine.

There have been many anime-related games before, but there's not many projects that look to merge the two worlds as much as Catherine does.  This Atlus title is part interactive visual novel and part puzzle game, but it/s 100% anime.  From my understanding, you'll be doing a lot more watching of anime in Catherine than you do playing, but I'm completely fine with that!

Games are known for featuring anime-style character portraits but the in-game visuals don't usually match that presentation.  Catherine is a title that works hard to bridge those two visual styles together into one cohesive experience.  Catherine is filled with actual anime footage made just for the game, but the in-game visuals mimic that visual style as closely as possible.  The end results are pretty impressive, and definitely enough to get anime fans interested.

Even if you're not into gaming, you should do yourself a favor and check out what Catherine has to offer.  For those of you with a 360/PS3, you can download a free demo of the experience today.  I plan on doing that this week and offering up my impressions a bit later.  Hopefully some of you guys and gals are willing to give this anime game a shot!


  1. Making it sound like MGS 4, that game had a lot of cut scenes.

  2. I only have Nintendo systems lol. Ah well. Maybe one day it will be ported to PC.