Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Attack of the anime bully

People are what makes this world great.  There are some truly wonderful people out there, and they bring joy into the lives of people the world over.  Having those friends to share experiences with makes for memories that will last a lifetime.  Giving someone a reason to smile is the greatest gift that you can give, and while there are many people that like to do that, there are those that take the opposite route.

As you know, my purpose for this blog is to bring anime fans together and also introduce new people to anime.  I want to stop all the negativity that surrounds anime far too often.  Just last week I showed you what I considered to be an absolutely rude, ignorant and crass response to my asking of why someone hated anime.  That man is just one example of one of the rotten eggs out there.

I also shared the story of my friend and his father...the father that put his kid down for watching Akira.  This is a classic case of someone that simply doesn't understand anime, and rather than try to figure out what it's all about, they just put down the art form and move on from there.  It's much easier to put someone down for enjoying something rather than figure out what it is that gives them that enjoyment.  Walking through life looking to learn will provide challenges and great rewards, but walking through life ignorant and spiteful is definitely an easier road.

The anime-viewing public is definitely the minority when looking at the people of the world, and that makes us a big target for bashing.  So many people are quick to judge anime and those that view it.  These people won't give anime a shot, nor will they let you show them what type of person you are.  They'll tease you for your hobby and make you feel legitimately wrong for enjoying yourself in such a way.  It's what bullies do, and they thrive on those interactions.

Have you ever been harassed or teased about your anime interests?  Tired of people judging you based on their incorrect preconceived notions about anime?  I'd love for you to vent here and let us know about your negative experience.  Let's take those sad stories and turn them into positive experiences.  You have plenty of anime friends here that are ready to take your side and support you in what you enjoy.


  1. yeah i have, it was during college. they thought i watched was those inappropriate animes and that i watched bleach. i wanted to speak up but i never got the courage to do it. it just got mad at myself for not speaking out, i didn't do anything bad to hurt myself. not only they made fun of me for watching anime, they weren't to happy that i also like japan in general. it was tough for me, but i still watched anime not matter what they were saying. somehow i found my courage and i still watch anime till this day.

  2. Yes, I have been a few times. But I didn't pay any attention to it!

  3. My family used to ask why I watched those "chinese cartoons" but apart from them not many people know I like anime apart from a couple of friends who jokingly call me an "anme fag(they purposefully pronounce it wrong)" but thats all part of the banter among mates as I rip on them for some of their hobbies.

    One ex girlfriend was amazed at the size of my collection when she first saw it and couldn't believe I had watched so many titles, but she didn't have a bad word to say about my hobby. I really should get back in touch with her......

  4. Luckily I haven't been bullied about it.

    I know when to hold em and fold em so to speak. I make sure I tell a certain group of people because I know what their reaction will be, while I don't tell another group of people because I know what their reaction will be.

  5. luckily I haven't really been bullied either, my twin sister and I both love anime as does my best friend. My dad likes some anime movies and while my mom doesn't like anime, she's very accepting. I've gotten most of my anime because of her XD. It just sucks that people get made fun of because of their likes and dislikes, especially when those people have misconceptions about it.