Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Catherine - early impressions

I managed to find some time to sneak out to my local GameStop today and pick up a copy of Catherine.  Not that long ago I mentioned that this game looked like it would be a great title for those that are into anime and gaming as well.  While I've only put in about an hour's worth of time with the title, I can already see that there's a lot to love, especially if you're an anime fan.

What's the biggest reason fans of anime will like this game?  Well...it has a ton of anime in it!  The gameplay itself uses a visual style that mimics the anime scenes in the game.  It seems like more of the game is going to be spent watching anime scenes and then making a few key decisions, and that's fine with me.  I'm down for an interactive anime story, and Catherine is delivering that thus far.

As I usually find with most anime, the story is indeed unique and engaging.  Early on we learn about the main character's rather scary dreams, and start to see hints of other people having those same nightmares.  The key difference is, it looks like some people that have these nightmares actually never wake up.  One person is found dead in their bed, and thus far there have been some strong hints that he died from the same nightmare that our main character had.  That's a hook good enough to get me invested this early on!

I'll definitely have more to say about Catherine as I play on.  I'm thinking I'll put together one more impressions feature and then a review later down the road.  Early on, I'm not afraid to say that anime fans will find a lot to like here.  Just be prepared to watch more than you actually play, and don't go in expecting tons of action-related gameplay.  This is a puzzler/interactive story, and if you have an open mind for both anime and unique gameplay, this is a title for you.


  1. I've been following this game since it was announced, but I can't pick it up right now because my 360 is still broken and I don't have the extra cash right now, but I loved the Japanese demo earlier this year.

    The unfortunate thing is that Atlus (specifically in Japan, in the states, they were more subtle) marketed the hell out of the 'sex' parts of the game, so a lot of people just think it's some crazy game based around having sex or something, and it really is far from it.

    In fact, as far as I know, it's barely even relevant or mentioned beyond a scene or two. It's largely about marriage and commitment (and obviously nightmares). And it's a puzzle platforming game, which I think turns a lot of people off. The fact it's less of a game and more of an interactive story with random puzzle-towers thrown in.

    Personally, since I am a huge fan of Persona (especially 3 and 4), I am used to this kind of thing from Atlus and I love it. And this game vaguely ties into Persona 3 and 4 (Vincent is IN the PSP version of Persona 3), so I am even more interested.

    It really is a beautiful game. I can't wait to actually get to play the real thing and experience the story. I've made a point to avoid spoilers for the endings. I only know two spoilers (which are kinda major, but nothing I couldn't have assumed would've happened), and I intend to get blown away when I play it for real.

  2. Yeah I looked into it and it seems like the puzzles, though they are the same thing each time, are really hard. So it's not for those who get easily frustrated (Which happens to me).