Saturday, July 23, 2011

A vacation's worth of anime converts

Last week when I was packing for my vacation, I knew that I was going to bring some anime with me.  I had a few DVDs that I wanted to watch while out in North Carolina, and I figured I could do so while working late at night.  I also brought the Death Note DVDs with me because my family was just about to wrap up the entire series.  While that did happen, there were some other events that I never saw coming.

My family finished up watching Death Note after a number of weeks, and they couldn't believe how much they enjoyed the series.  It was their first anime series, and now they understand where I'm coming from with my anime love.  They also discussed what series we're going to move onto next.  While that wasn't decided, at least I know that they are very interesting in more anime!

Even more surprising was seeing both of my aunts get interested in anime.  Neither of them were watching Death Note with us, but somehow they both got interested in the manga.  I brought the entire Death Note manga with me, and one of my aunts read through the entire series while at the beach.  As soon as she was done reading, she said that she really wanted to see the anime now!  Now she knew were we were all coming from.  My other aunt is on book 10 of 12, so she's just about to wrap things up.

I also had my cousin introduce me to Wandaba Style, which I wrote about earlier in the week.  While it wasn't exactly the anime for me, it gave me a new perspective on anime in general.  On the flip-side, it was a show that really interested my girlfriend.  It's the kind of zany, wacky show that she likes.  She's already talked about watching a few more episodes now that we're home!

I never did get to watch those DVDs, but I really can't complain.  It's all because we were spending so much time checking out other anime features!  I've come away from this family vacation with a new affinity for what I've already loved, and now I have a bunch of family members to share it with me.  I couldn't ask for a better trip!


  1. Your not the only one working on converting people RMC, last Thursday I showed me sister the first part of Higurashi and now she wants to see the rest of it.

  2. That's nice that your whole family is so open to it. I know some in mine who would be like what is this Chinese junk :P