Monday, July 25, 2011

Your anime passion inspires others

I'm telling you...the more I use Twitter the more I appreciate it.  It's really been amazing as far as this blog goes.  I've been very proactive on Twitter, at least compared to how I handle things for GoNintendo.  All this usage is making me realize that perhaps I was coming from a wrong place when I pieced together my initial impressions of Twitter.  It's an absolutely invaluable tool when it comes to anime.

The thing I've noticed with anime discussions on Twitter is just how far one comment can reach.  One comment about anime can reach hundreds of people that don't know a thing about what anime is.  From there on out, other people are inspired to retweet thoughts, and then check out anime for themselves.  This kind of stuff is proof positive that one person can make a difference.

The thing is, you guys are making a difference as well!  We're all changing minds about anime, whether you know it or not.  Your comments on this blog and through Twitter are reaching new minds, and those people are exploring what anime is all about.  I've heard first-hand how your comments and my Tweets are really inspiring people to check out what anime has to offer.  It's honestly blowing my mind to see how this is all coming together.

Your anime passion is coming through loud and clear.  Your love of anime and all that it encompasses is showing others what they're missing out on.  I can't thank you enough for supporting the blog and Twitter, as your comments and thoughts are really opening eyes around the web.  Never, ever underestimate the power of your comments.  You guys are making a difference!

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  1. I tried to tweet you a question, but I guess you missed it :<

    Do you have a myanimelist account?