Friday, July 22, 2011

The dreaded start/stop/start/stop routine

It's tough to find a routine for free time.  Even when you think you have things scheduled, some other stuff can get in the way.  I know that I've planned free time activities out numerous times, only to have them squashed at the last minute.  Hell, sometimes I'm too tired to even enjoy free time!  The call of a nap can be a very powerful thing.

Of course, free time is the only chance I get to watch anime.  I don't nearly get as much free time as I'd like, but I work with what comes my way.  That usually means I'll split my time watching anime and playing video games.  After a round of that, I always feel like it was free time well spent.  Anytime you can enjoy something and have it put a smile on your face, it's not time wasted!

The problem is...that damn free time routine.  I'll start watching anime and I'll get a few nights worth of content in, and then my schedule will start acting up.  Before I know it, it's been weeks since I sat down with the anime series that I was last watching.  By the time I actually do get to check things out again, I've forgotten where I was and what I've learned!  Major plot points are there, but the minor details escape me.

This is a routine that happens to me over and over again.  I'm realizing that I might have to take notes when I watch anime!  If I just write down what episode I was on and what the prior show was about, I should be good to pick up whenever.  Do you find yourself in the same situation that I'm in?  Damn those priorities like work!


  1. I get so behind because of classes...usually the only time I get to watch shows are at my college's anime club because I have to run the showings. Usually when I'm on breaks I catch up on 2 months of episodes of other shows and I have to read blogs to remember where I was last.

  2. I do pretty well with remembering things in anime. In videogames, it's harder because you get rusty.