Saturday, July 30, 2011

What's your anime schedule?

We've talked about all sorts of anime aspects, an we have a million more to go.  While we've talked about anime  and the times we watch, we haven't talked about how much anime we actually take in in a month.  As I said earlier, it's hard to find the time to check out the anime you want to, but I'm sure we all manage to make it happen.

In the course of a month, how much anime do you think you watch?  I'd like to think that some people have a schedule down pat, and manage to get in a ton of anime as the months roll on.  I know a few people that make a point to at least watch a few episodes of a series each week, trying to stay on a schedule that allows them to move onto new series' quite often.

For me, I really wish I could do a schedule.  Some months I'm surprised by just how much anime I get to take in.  Other times, I'm lucky if I manage to get an hour's worth of anime in the full month.  Things just happen and eat up all the time I would have to view anime, and it kills me to go that long without indulging a little bit.  I feel like I'm really missing out! the course of a month, how much anime do you manage to watch?  Do you just set a goal one month and try to beat it the next?!


  1. I mainly watch after work to relieve the stress of a work day. I usually get in about 20 hours of anime time a month, give or take.

  2. Well I wasn't too sure, so I checked MyAnimeList and they only go back 3 weeks. And in those 3 weeks I think I watched about 31 hours. So yeah. I never really go into it setting a goal or anything, whatever the time is, is what the time is.

    Now I know for the last couple of weeks I have slowed down because some stuff has been happening, so I probably have watched more in the past.