Sunday, July 24, 2011

The nicest compliment I could ask for

Now that I've started the anime blog, not a day goes by when I don't think about anime.  I'm trying my best to spread the word of anime with the time that I have, even though it's not nearly as much time as I'd like to dedicate.  It had me wondering if I was really doing the best I could with the blog right now, but a conversation today helped me really helped to lift my spirits.

Earlier today I went out to GameStop to pick up a game that came in while I was away.  I always like going into my local GameStop because the employees are so nice.  Today was no exception, with two of the nicest employees working today.  The conversation obviously started off with video games, but then it went into a discussion of anime and my blog.

I had no idea that one of the employees was following my blog...and quite religiously it seemed!  I was absolutely flattered that they found out about the blog and came over to see what was up.  This employee was already into anime somewhat, but it seems like my articles and your comments were really fueling her to check out what other types of anime content were out there.

The best part came from my mentions of Death Note on the site.  I guess I did a good job of talking about how great the series is, because now she's absolutely dying to see it!  She's no longer just interested in it, she's super excited about checking it out.  To have someone go from not knowing a thing about Death Note to being totally into it without seeing an episode is amazing.  I can't tell you how much it means to me!

To see that my passion comes through on this anime blog means the world to me.  It lets me know that I'm connecting with people and helping to raise awareness.  I also know that your comments are doing just as much good by showing your passion for anime as well!  Looks like we're well on the path to changing some minds and expanding some anime horizons.


  1. That is really cool RMC! Congrats!!

  2. +1 Google+ ratings for you man!

    Cool story man! Glad to hear Anime Your Way is making a difference!

  3. You introduced me to a couple titles I would have probably missed out on, so thanks RMC!

  4. After I'm finished with Death Note I'm gonna need a new series to be obsessed with. You should create a list of recommendations, preferably in order.

  5. Wo that must be creepy to think about that a lot of people in your town probably follow a lot of things you do, such as GoNintendo and now this blog.