Friday, July 8, 2011

The fantastic settings of anime

If there's one thing we can say about anime, it's that we get to experience all parts of the universe just by sitting on our couch.  Anime has shown me some of the most beautiful, amazing places that our world has to offer.  I've also been taken to distant lands that are out in the far-reaches of space.  If that wasn't enough, we also get to explore other worlds, universes and even times!  Anime creators sure aren't afraid to take us anywhere their imagination can create.

Just the other day on Twitter, I was talking with a few people that were discussing the locations of anime.  One person had said that the portrayal of Japan in anime made it look like a fantastic tourist attraction.  So much so that they were in the beginning stages of planning a trip!  I can definitely agree that anime does a fantastic job with painting Japan in a wondrous light.  Even when dealing with sad and bleak anime, the surrounding Japanese landscapes look gorgeous.

That's just one location, though!  While we can't exactly visit outer space like some anime do, we can most certainly visit anywhere on this earth...provided we have the funds.  It's very clear that those creating anime put a lot of time and effort into making their backdrops really stand out.  Some anime spent a lot of time panning on their backgrounds, and deservedly so.  These depictions are absolutely gorgeous!  Knowing that you can actually visit some of the places you see in anime is an amazing feeling.  It also goes to show you just how moving anime can be!

What was the last anime setting you saw that you wanted to actually see in real life?  Even if it's a location that doesn't exist on this earth, you can still call it out!  You can't help where you want to visit, can you?!  Hopefully you've seen a real-world location or two that has tickled your fancy.

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  1. A little off from the question, but I always notice that the school setting they portray always look the same. The halls, rooms, etc... I find it odd. Like any slice of life anime with high schoolers, their schools look the same.