Thursday, July 14, 2011

Remember that anime where the main character...SPOILER!

When it comes to anime, there might be nothing else I despise more than spoilers.  What's the sense in watching a series or a film when someone is more than willing to spoil the end for you!  While spoilers exist with any type of media (books, TV, film, games), it seems truly impossible to look up information on anime and not run across spoilers.

I've actually noticed this a lot on Twitter!  People aren't afraid to tweet out major plot details for anime, and it seems to happen quite often.  The series can be new or old, it doesn't really matter.  I guess when dealing with an older series you have to be more prepared to stumble on a spoiler, but there are plenty of spoilers out there for brand-new anime.  I've seen people saying all kinds of stuff about the current anime season...and I haven't even had the time to check out any of those series' yet!

In all honesty, I don't think the spoilers are meant to be spread in a negative way.  I think they simply come from a place of excitement.  I know that when I see an anime with really great plot twists and surprises, I can't wait for friends to check it out.  I'll be dying to chat with them about it, but I have to hold back until they catch up to where I am.  I guess that's why turning to the internet for your spoiler talk is okay.  You're just looking to chat with others that know what you're talking about!  Unfortunately some people not in-the-know get caught up along the way.

What anime features have you had spoiled for you?  Please refrain from posting the actual bits that were spoiled, but feel free to name the series/movie and how it was spoiled!  Consider it a bit of anime therapy!


  1. Once Puella Magi Madoka Magica, an anime that premiered earlier this year, got on its third episode and literally every episode after that, tons and tons of spoilers hit the internet. Other than School Days, I haven't really been spoiled yet.

  2. Several, but I like spoilers, gives me something to look forward to.
    But series like Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and School Days are memorable just because there were things that seemed to happen out of nowhere.

  3. I saw the end of Death Note on some stupid Youtube video before I saw the series. Derp...