Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thundercats, Wolverine, Iron Man - Your Impressions!

There were three big shows that I wanted to see tonight, but I didn't get to watch a single one.  That's because I was out at a wedding, which ate up a major chunk of time!  Obviously it's a bit more important to be at a friend's wedding than to hang home and do as I please, but now I'm behind!  Three big premieres that I missed out on.  It's almost like someone set out to plan these premieres for when I was busy!

The good news is, I managed to record all three shows.  I honestly don't have the time to watch them tonight, but I will definitely check them out over the weekend.  I've been really excited for Thundercats, Iron Man and Wolverine for awhile now.  I sure hope you guys were excited as well!  It's important to support any new anime coming our way.  We have to at least give the first few episodes a shot!

Sure, Thundercats may be stretching it a bit when calling it anime, but the original certainly was an anime production.  Both Wolverine and Iron Man are hands-down anime fodder, which makes them 100% fair game to discuss.  Out of those three shows, I'm hoping that at least one is going to offer up something worthwhile.  I'd like to think that the shows received backing in the states because they're worth our time!

I'd love to hear from you guys about these shows.  I'm hoping you checked out at least one, and I'm really interested in seeing what you have to say about them.  Did any of these shows really tickle your fancy, or did the premieres just fizzle?


  1. I missed them, but I have a feeling that they probably won't be any good. A Japanese take on American comic books?

  2. I was a bit disappointed with Thundercats. To me, it played out like every other cliche cartoon out there story wise. And I found Kit and Kat to be the most interesting characters. And they only had a few real minutes of being on screen.

    I'll probably watch this if it's on, but I don't see me making time for it.

  3. i like this Thundercats, i was good for an established series, i don't see wolverine or Iron man because G4 is not on directv