Sunday, July 10, 2011

Durarara!! Ep. 3 - impressions

Another week, another Durarara!! episode. I can't believe how long the wait feels between episodes, and then how quickly the actual episode flies by while watching. I guess that's a good thing! If I wasn't enjoying the series, I don't think time would go so quickly while watching! While this week's episode may not have been better than the last, but it was definitely still engaging.

Personally, I felt the first half of the episode to be a bit slow. Compared to last week's intriguing dialog and character development, things felt a little slow-going in this episode. It wasn't until later in the episode that I realized that we were watching an intentional slow boil that would lead into the most action we've seen in the series yet.

The second half of episode three is jam-packed with some of the biggest, most elaborate action we've seen in the series. It's a completely different style when compared to what we saw from our headless motorcycle rider. This action is even more over the top, and even a bit comical in nature. Needless to say, it really was a spectacle. This is the showpiece of the entire episode, and I can only hope that the series is going to bring more of this type of content.

I still say that episode 2 is my favorite thus far, but 3 really gave things a run for my money with the second half. If anything, I think this episode proved that Durarara!! has a lot to offer the viewer. It can be deep and introspective, but it can also be packed with all-out action and over-the-top characters. I'm definitely interested in a series that strives to be all things and pulls it off.

7 out of 10


  1. Yeah I definitely enjoyed episode 2 more than this episode.

    Though, I did like the parts where the narrator was talking about new places, change, etc...

  2. I have to disagree. I feel this episode is far superior to the previous episode. It just had a good energy to it and we get to see more Shizuo-Izaya-Simon action. Plus? Cell phone smashing.

  3. Yes the cell phone smashing was good :P