Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cultural differences keeping people from giving anime a shot

I don't often get to see my sister because she's away at college, but she's here on family vacation.  I thought I'd take this opportunity to talk to her about anime, since she's an anime convert.

What was your first anime?

Answer: Chobits.  That was the best.

What did you think of it?

Answer: I thought it was both hilarious and emotionally investing.  I laughed and I thought it was a good romantic story.  I was sad when it was over.

What did you think of anime before that?

Answer: I didn't know anything about anime besides watching Pokemon.  I thought it was all weird, over-the-top, big eyeballs and teardrops.  I didn't know it had serious stories that I could get invested in.

Why do you think public perception is negative when it comes to anime?

Answer: It's like anything else.  People don't understand what they don't know and they have't sat down to watch it.  They just know the stereotypes.  It's perceived to be a nerdy pursuit.  

What do you think the anime industry could do to better public opinion in the states?

Answer: They need to have some well-received Oscar nod anime movie that starts people talking about it.  If there were Oscar-nominated anime, I don't know about them.  American people think cultures outside their own are weird.  Pokemon made anime more popular...kind of.  Maybe something like that again.

What would you say to someone to try and convince them to check out an anime?

Answer: If you're into plot, they can really make you think.  Once you watch one you'll want to continue on.  It's all about getting that person to sit down and actually watch one, and then it will speak for itself.


  1. there was an oscar-nominated anime, it actually won best animated picture. Disney had dubbed it. It was Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away. Amazing movie!

  2. Pokemon was kind a it's own thing I think. People didn't think of it as anime. It was just perceived like a cartoon for the widely popular card game sadly ._.

    But nowadays Pokemon is more of an anime if that makes any sense.

    idk, just my opinion.

  3. Her first anime was Chobits, yet she watched Pokemon before that? How did you miss that? lol