Thursday, July 14, 2011

When 'just one more' turns into a full series

I'm not afraid to say that I find anime very addictive.  I think that's why I have this blog right now!  I absolutely love to talk about anime, and I also love getting to hear from other anime fans out there.  There's just so much anime to talk about.  If only there were more time to watch as much as I wanted to.  As it is now, I try to set limits and end up blowing right through them!

Between work and other obligations, my free time doesn't come until very late in the night.  It's more like the wee hours of the morning when most normal people are sleeping.  This is the time I take to enjoy some free time fun.  It's one of the only chances each night where I get to relax and do what I want to do!  This almost always includes playing video games and watching anime.

I'll start the night off with a plan.  I tell myself that I'm going to watch some anime, but I'll be sure to cut it off at a certain time.  An hour's worth of episodes or just one anime film is enough for the night, and I can always get into more content the next day.  I mean, I have to get some sleep if I'm going to function for work!  That's always the plan I go in with...but it never sticks.

I think the problem might be related to anime being so enjoyable!  Having an entire series ready to watch makes for a very tough situation to ignore.  I'll watch a few episodes of an anime, and before I know it it's the cut-off time that I set earlier.  I'll look at the TV and convince myself that just one more episode is fine.  Before I know it, I've doubled the amount I want to watch!  I know it's definitely time to go to bed when the sun is coming up!

Do you have the same thing happen to you?  Do you find it hard to watch just a couple episodes of an anime?  Those storylines and characters are calling to you, and it's so hard to shut the TV/computer off when the next episode is just a click away!


  1. Yeah I can find myself taking weeks/months to watch a 25 or under episode regular series. Then I find some interesting 50 episode series which I blow through in a few days.

  2. Not so much with anime anymore. But with manga yeah, since it's just like "one more chapter..." since they tend to be a lot shorter than a whole episode of anime. Anime it's like, "oh I need to set aside another 30min, can't afford that." but "five more minutes..." is easier to string along with until, good heavens! It's been 2 hours!

    I used to marathon anime in High School, but now not so much. I only spend so many minutes of the week watching anime these days :< Right now I don't really have a series I'm following, so i'm watching basically 0 hours.

  3. Last two anime series i watched demonstrated the two different ways I can watch anime. The first was Pandora Hearts. It took me weeks to watch it...there were times I went days without seeing a new episode. It took quite some time but i finished it. The second was Kannagi, which took me two days.

    The funny thing is I actually enjoyed Pandora Hearts more. I'm the same way with games, the mood depends on how quickly I will finish the game. I took forever to finish Resident Evil 4 but I whizzed through New Super Mario Bros Wii