Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The state of anime: Localization

Today we'll take a look at the state of localization for anime, as far as Europe and North America goes.  While there are thousands upon thousands of fans that watch anime via streaming sites and bootleg uploads, there are also fans that look to purchase legitimate versions of upcoming anime features.  We'll be focusing in on officially localized content for this feature.

We all know that no amount of localization houses can secure the rights to 100% of the anime that hits Japan.  We all just have to submit to the fact that we'll never see all anime series' localized for our viewing pleasure.  It's sad to know that there's some anime that we'll never officially see in Europe or North America, but it doesn't mean that localization firms aren't working hard.

Each year localization groups look into what anime makes sense to bring outside of Japan.  There's a lot to choose from, and there are indeed a few key anime each year that companies will fight over.  While niche titles are picked up here and there, it's the bigger titles with more mass appeal that localization companies want to go after.  They are indeed a business first.

Do you feel that the state of localization where you live is going well?  Do these companies work hard enough to bring over the anime that we want?  Do they listen to the fans to judge what series' should get picked up for localization?


  1. Not only do I not think the companies work hard enough to bring over some of Japan's best anime, but I think they push too much of crappy anime they probably licensed on the cheap that's just going to turn people off.

  2. Yeah I think it's going well. I still have a good backlog of dub'd anime I can watch before I start running out I think.

  3. I can't really complain about the the amount localized as there is still much that I have yet to see that I am sure that I would enjoy, the quality to the localization can sometimes be questionable though.

  4. I'd have to agree with Outlulz. My biggest complaint however is with one anime in particular. It was dubbed for 130 episodes then myteriously no more. The nonlocalized version is ongoing and is nearly 500 episodes past where dub stopped stupidly. If cannot guess the anime it's detective Conan (case closed).

  5. Auragar when you mentioned that anime series, I thought of case closed, I have all 5 seasons on dvd, and I wish they would release the rest of seasons. I agree with you with that the show is still going on, I was they would release more seasons of case closed, since i really enjoy that anime. It's what got me into Adult swim in the first place :P