Monday, July 25, 2011

Anime that sticks with you

I can't think of a single TV show that I've watched that has stuck with me to this day.  There are shows that I remember without a doubt, but the content of those shows hasn't really resonated with me so much so that I still feel those intense feelings to this day.  The same cannot be said for anime.  There are things that happen in anime series' that I saw years ago, yet I feel like I just saw them yesterday.

I am not going to name series' because I don't want to throw spoilers around!  With that said, there are a handful of anime that feature some scenes and character twists that were absolutely shocking.  Things you thought that would never happen...or things you never even considered for the storyline.  These happenings took my breath away when I first viewed them, and they are fresh in my mind to this day.

In particular, there's one anime event that makes me sad everytime I think about it.  It's not a feeling that just pops up for a second and disappears.  I think about it and seriously cannot believe it happened.  Then I start thinking about the entire series and just how much of a ride it took me for.  I think that's the sign of some very great storytelling right there!

Are there any anime features you've seen that have moments that really hit you hard even to this day?  I hope I'm not the only one that gets like this!  Anime stories don't tend to shy away from shaking things up in big ways, and some of those major shifts still sit in my thoughts to this day.  Do you have any of those moments that hit you like they're brand-new, even though you saw them months, if not years ago?


  1. Higurashi, I won't say why but I can safely say why but I can't ever imagine forgetting Higurashi.

  2. I think I watch too much for any one to make a lifetime impact :P

  3. Casshern Sins will always stick with me to an extent as it was my first...theres been a few others that will always be in my memory such as Welcome to the NHK, Elfen Lied and Baccano!