Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This week's skewed comment on anime - A completely out-of-line comment

Wonder why I stress so much that we need to change the public perception of anime?  Don't understand why I care what other people have to say about anime?  Here's a perfect example of why.  This is without a doubt one of the most offensive comments towards anime fans that I've ever seen.  Once again, this exchange took place on Twitter and I've removed the other person's name.

@Name Removedi really hope sweden wins this match because at least they didn't give the world anime anime troll! Care to tell me why you dislike anime?

@Name Removedi'm not a pedophile

I think anyone has the right to say whatever they like.  They can say whatever they want, but I don't have to like it.  I also don't have to sit by and do nothing.  I will not let someone make such a crass accusation and just ignore it.  This is an insult to all those that make anime, as well as those that watch and love anime.

A comment like this is absolutely uncalled for.  I hope this person realizes what they've done and feel ashamed of themselves.


  1. In other news: Sweden loses to Japan 1-3


  2. I'm Swedish, and i have no idea what this is about... Sweden vs Japan?! In what?

    Anyways. Giving the World Anime is one of the best things that's happend! (while Sweden gave us: Meatballs!!).

    Also (again), Pedophile?! Either, this guy's an Ignorant Sucker, or he's only seen Boku no Pico... I'd guess the first thing~