Monday, July 18, 2011

The state of anime: fans

I thought I'd start to do features on the different aspects of anime as far as the entire movement is concerned.  I think it's really important for fans to speak up on how they feel about the direction anime is moving in.  If we don't voice our opinion on these topics, the industry is going to get completely out of whack, at least when it concerns American audiences.

I think the most important topic to talk about first is anime fans themselves!  I'm specifically looking for those that are interested in discussing the topic of anime localization in the states or in Europe.  Obviously we're not getting anywhere near the amount of content that's coming out in Japan, and I don't expect it to be like that.  I just want to know if you guys are happy with what's coming out of Japan.

I know that a lot of fans feel that the localization dubs aren't that great, and many fans will watch episodes of anime with original Japanese voices and read through subs.  I personally feel that voice work in the states has come a very long way since the early days of anime localization, but there are still some poor quality works out there.  It all depends on the localization house and the actors behind it, and sometimes there's just not enough people that care about a project to do it well.

That's my big gripe right now.  What do you guys have to say about anime output in the states/Europe right now?  Do you feel that your voice is being heard, and that it matters?


  1. It has more to do with money. It's already incredibly expensive to dub an anime. It cost even more to do it well. The reason we get so many "just okay" dubs is because they rush through them to cut costs and get the product out as soon as possible.

  2. Since I'm able to watch subs with minimum trouble, it doesn't really bother me if there isn't a lot of new dubs coming out. Though, I wouldn't want it to stop altogether, because it's always nice to sit back and relax and just watch a dub without having to be constantly reading subs.

    Like Durarara!! would be such a pain to watch each night if it was only sub. because in between the typing with you guys, and the trying to see what is going on with the show, I wouldn't be able to read the subs.

    So yeah I would have to say I don't really mind the state localized anime is in right now.

  3. Most of my friends are really snobbish about dubs. I don't usually watch them, but the dubs that have made their way to Adult Swim and a few others are usually very well done and worth watching, although I am sick of hearing Steve Blum in everything.

  4. The UK industry is very weak at the moment. We only have one company (Manga UK) consistently releasing titles and licensing new titles, so we aren't getting many shows over here, so I import.

    I don't download anime, but i'm not a snob and i'm not going to say fansubs are wrong, but I like to think that by buying DVD/BD releases I am at least supporting the shows and their creators.

  5. Ive actually never watched a dub...I dont really have a good reason. I love the japanese language and dont really feel like risking running into a bad dub :P Subs dont bother me at all so I watch those ^.^