Friday, July 22, 2011

Anime in the world of print

The print side of new is really suffering right now.  Magazines and newspapers are struggling to find an audience. It's just so much easier to get the news and information you want on the internet, plus you don't usually have to pay in order to get the content.  How can you beat instant, free information that is constantly updated?  Even I can see that side of things.

While I do know that if I want news and up-to-date information on anime, I turn to the internet.  There's just no way print can keep up with that aspect of things.  With that said, I still have a deep affinity for print media, and that's across all aspects.  This indeed includes the anime side of things, and I actually believe that anime magazines can survive in today's day and age with some smart content.

I personally subscribe to Otaku USA, which I picked up after the death of NewType.  I subscribed to NewType for quite some time, and I really found it to be a wonderful anime magazine.  While I enjoy Otaku USA, it's not the magazine that NewType was.  There's simply not enough focus on the world of anime for me.  There's other filler content thrown in there that I just don't want in an anime magazine.

I really do think that a monthly publication about anime could work.  It would have to focus on reviews, previews and interviews, but that's a bread-and-butter of a good magazine.  Information that isn't time sensitive and would be unique to the magazine itself.  On top of that, some nice 'The Artwork Of' features would be well fit for a print publication.  Nothing can beat having a gorgeous magazine sitting on your coffee table, and it's always a good way to get newcomers interested.

Do you subscribe to any anime magazines?  Would you be interested in doing so?  I'd like to, one day in the far-off future, do some sort of print magazine.  What a dream come true that would be.


  1. Oh...I didn't even think about anime magazines... I'm not sure if I would enjoy reading one though. The only magazine I am subscribed to is Nintendo Power.

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