Thursday, July 7, 2011

No room for all this merchandise!

There's no doubt about it.  Anime can take over major portions of your house.  If you start on the path to becoming an anime fan, you better be ready to make a lot of room where you live!  Even if you plan to keep your actual anime collection on the digital side of things, you'll be surprised at just how much room other anime merchandise will clutter things up.  I know how this is first-hand, and I simply don't have the room to display things as I'd like!

I guess it's just a natural progression.  When you find out about things you like, you want to collect other things related to that topic.  For example, I really love Akira.  That love of the film went from owning the DVD to collecting figurines from the movie.  From there, I started getting various posters for the film.  Before I knew it, this was the situation with a bunch of anime that I liked.  I amassed a ton of posters, toys and other merchandise.  Now I have nowhere to put it!

Back when I used to live with my parents, my anime collection not only took over my room, but also the living room where I did most of my work.  Posters were all over one section of the wall in the living room.  There simply wasn't anywhere to hang them in my room anymore.  I had filled all open wall and ceiling spaces with anime and gaming posters!  Now that I've been in my own place for a couple years, I see just how quickly space fills up.

One day I'd like to move into a bigger place, and hopefully have a room for just my anime and gaming.  A room where I can line shelves with DVDs, games and toys.  It'll be the perfect room to sit, play and watch in. For now, much of my collection stays packed away.  I love to display the things I enjoy, but I can't do that when displaying those things blocks everyday moving!

Is your room an otaku shrine?  If so, leave us a comment and let us know!  We'd love to see pictures of your special anime den.


  1. I have a few posters up and 12 anime figurines.

  2. I'm really picking about the merchandise I buy. I really want a figure, but most figures don't seem to please me lol.

  3. The wallpapers on my computer screens are about all the anime "merchandise" I have :P

  4. I stopped myself from buying anymore a few years ago. I just don't have room for a lot of things.
    I have a lot of manga, dvds, posters and action figures on shelves and I've actually started to sell some of my stuff.