Friday, July 22, 2011

Letting it all sink in...

I don't know if you guys feel the same way, but I find anime viewing to be a very intense experience.  I believe anime in general is very involved and action-packed.  Even if the anime itself isn't full of explosions and fights, there's still a lot of action on-screen.  When I'm done watching an anime, be it a few episodes or a movie, I need some time to decompress!

There will be times when I watch an anime and when I turn it off, I really can feel how spent I am.  There's so much to take in that you need to really sit back and think about.  There will be certain things that I view and they won't really sink in until I've had a few hours to contemplate everything.  As I decompress, I start to piece things together and get a better understanding of the entire feature.

For example, when I was watching Pandora, there was a ton of visual and story elements to pay attention to.  When it was all over I understood the basic plot and details, but as the night went on I had to chance to really analyze what I just saw.  There were scenes that really came together when I took the time to ponder it all.  The end result was an experience that I appreciated even more once I put some thought into it.

Do you find yourself doing the same thing with anime?  Do you need some time to figure everything out, or do you grab it all on the first run?  I think that's near impossible with some anime, but I know there are plenty of people that are much more perceptive than I!

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  1. Yeah, when I finish an anime, I get a really weird feeling. It's like all these different emotions hit me.

    Usually the next day I'm over it.