Friday, July 8, 2011

Anime for newcomers: The push continues

You guys know that I've been pushing hard to get some new people into anime.  That's one of the main goals of this blog.  I'm happy to say that things are going very well so far!  I am honestly surprised to see just how open people have been.  I thought there would be many more close-minded people out there, but I'm very glad to be wrong.

It seems that I'm having the most success through Twitter, believe it or not.  Many of you know that I'm not exactly into Twitter, due to all of its limitations.  With that said, I've had some great connections and conversations concerning anime on our Twitter account.  I've also come across a handful of people that weren't into anime, and their messages lead to some very interesting conversations.

There was one girl in particular that didn't really want anything to do with anime, but didn't have anything against it.  When I talked to her about why she was so quick to push anime away, she honestly didn't know.  That pushed the conversation into us trying to figure out what anime features she might actually like.  She took some of my suggestions and said she would try to find somewhere to watch them.  She happens to live in France, so finding streaming sites with the correct licenses is a bit of a struggle, but she's trying!

This is the perfect example of someone that had negative feelings towards anime, but they had no idea why.  It was just something that they never bothered to check out because of those feelings, but they never stopped to think about why they felt that way.  It's sad to see situations like this, but I'm so happy that many people in this position are willing to change their position.  The story above is just one of many successful pushes towards anime that have come thus far.  I really hope things keep going this way!

Have you guys had any luck bringing some new people into anime?  Are you too busy watching anime yourself to try?!


  1. Lol, I wish I was too busy watching anime. At the moment I rarely get 30min a week to shove in any anime time. Which is why it is kind of nice that there are all those 10-15min shows going on right now.

    I'm already interested in anime in terms of it being sort of my 2nd or 3rd hobby, but your blog has got me interested in the anime blogging scene. But honestly, I haven't been able to find any anime blogs worth looking at outside of yours and maybe Japonator over on Destructoid.

    Any suggestions would be nice. From Raw or fellow commentors.

  2. Well alright, I like this site

    It's basically two (well 3 now) writers who post up first looks/reviews of anime and such. For the most part I think I'm the only active guy :P. Though, there tends to be times where random people will post comments on the reviews.