Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Using anime soundtracks to introduce anime itself

I touched on this very briefly back when I started the site, but it's a topic I've wanted to revisit since then.  Hopefully my earlier article showed you guys just how important anime soundtracks are to me.  The music for an anime can be an absolutely wonderful way to tie a scene together, and those songs from a show can help you relive anime moments as if it were your first time watching.  Not surprisingly, you can use anime music to lead someone into their first anime viewing.

There are people out there that absolutely will not give anime a chance.  No matter what you say or do, they won't have any of it.  That's the end of the road, right?  No other options to try and get them into the world of anime?  That's not true at all!  You just have to be extra clever with how you try and sneak them into anime, and music can be the perfect way to do it.

When was the last time you talked to someone that said they hated music?  Sure, there are plenty of people that hate genres of music, but I can't think of anyone that hates music in general.  There's always a type of music, or a band, or a particular song that people like.  That universe interest in music can be your first foot in the door when trying to get a newcomer to check out anime.

As I've already discussed, anime isn't just about the visuals.  There are hundreds of amazing songs that go with anime features.  All you have to do with newcomers is sneak in some anime music when you get the chance.  Play a few anime songs during a car ride.  Let your iTunes playlist shuffle through anime songs while hosting a party.  Play some anime tracks on your computer while friends are over.  I'm sure that some people will eventually ask what a particular track is, and rather than telling them about it you can show them!  You'd be surprised how much more willing people will be to check out anime when they already have something that tickles their fancy.

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  1. Eh I'm not to big on anime soundtracks. Sure there may be a few that I like when I'm watching, but outside of that, and on my mp3 player, I don't listen to it.