Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This week's skewed comment on anime: Hating on anime...for no reason

This one is yet another discussion on Twitter.  It all started with the following Tweet from a random Twitter user.

Read my response to "do you like anime?"

The person's answer to that question was at another link, and when I clicked the link to see her answer, I was met with the following.


Short and to the point, but I wanted to know the reasoning behind it.

@RandomUser Man, I am sad to see that response. Care to tell me why you feel that way?

They answered with the following...

@AnimeYourWay because I think it's stupid

When I asked the person to please give me some more detail, they responded with this.

@AnimeYourWay its fulled with emo kids that run around and are cartoons and cartoons are for 3 year olds... simple as that

Indeed, it is as simple as that.  Classic case of some preconceived notion that stemmed from some truly odd place.  I'm guessing this is one of those cases where a closed mind isn't going to allow for any consideration of the other side of the story.


  1. Just sounds like some 12 year old kid who hates cartoons in general.

  2. Poor 4 year olds... Have to stop watching cartoons because they have outgrown them :(