Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Anime series: One at a time, or as many as possible?

I am a very simple man.  It doesn't take a lot to get me confused or distracted.  This comes into play with every aspect of my life.  If I'm doing work on GoNintendo, I need to focus solely on that.  The most I can do is have music playing in the background while I work.  It's video game music, so at least it ties into what I'm doing!  If someone else is moving around the office taking on some other activity, I find it ridiculously hard to focus on my job.

This same thing happens to me when I watch anime.  For all the anime that I've seen, there is so much more out there that I haven't experienced.  I have plans on checking out as much anime as possible while I'm still walking this earth, but my method of viewing isn't exactly the best way to handle that.  In order to keep things straight in my mind, I can only watch one series at a time.

When watching an anime series, I want to make sure that I take in every aspect of the show.  I want to get to know the characters and all that they have to offer.  I want to enjoy the story and analyze it as I go along, I make sure to listen closely to the music just to see how it meshes with the on-screen action.  All of it comes together in an experience that will hopefully stick with me for many years to come.  If I try to watch two series' at one time, my frame of reference gets all screwed up!

One anime series at a time is definitely not the most efficient way to go, but I've been burned by multiple series' viewings in the past.  I've come to realize that I'll truly appreciate anime more if I just go one at a time.  At least I can watch a bunch of episodes one right after the other!  Sometimes an entire series can be wrapped up within a single day...if I'm really feeling motivated!

What type of anime viewer are you?  Do you try to watch as many series' as possible at the same time, or do you stick with one at a time?


  1. It depends really.

    I was only going to stick with Durarara!!, but I've been watching Kiss x Sis for close to a week now.

    I only have 2 more episodes to go. I guess waiting to see Durarara each Saturday night gets boring, and I use other anime to fill the gap.

  2. 6 anime right now. With mixed dub. and sub. Though, if I find myself really liking one series, then I focus more on that.

  3. According to my animulist account I'm watching 15 animes right now currently. But I'm really only focusing on Cardcaptor Sakura at this point...