Sunday, July 3, 2011

Death Note party at Anime Your Way headquarters

At the start of this blog, I made sure to tell you guys that my main goal was spreading the word of anime to all sorts of people that would otherwise never watch.  I started that a few weeks back with my own family, and now look at how far its come!

We're watching Death Note, which is definitely a great anime to start off with.  Very hard to not enjoy this one.  As you can see, my family is really into it!  I honestly couldn't be happier about this.  The thing is...what anime do I show them after Death Note is over?!

Do you have anime parties?  If so, let us in on how they went.  If not, maybe now you can plan one!


  1. That is really cool! Have fun! I have never had one!

  2. I've had a few - once I move into my new place, I plan to hold a big one with all of my friends. :) I'll usually roll out the more accessible stuff, like Kenshin, Lodoss, or One Piece and we'll just watch and enjoy. I'll shuffle the titles every 2-3 episodes, unless we get a real groove going, and want to keep watching. :) There's just one rule - no whining: Just sit, chat, and enjoy your damned cartoons.

    It's always a great time, for an incredibly low price (popcorn, chips, and soda add up to less than 20 bucks).

    My only problem right now is that 90% of my anime is in boxes waiting to be moved. But... that's a temporary setback.

  3. I watched a Full Metal Alchemist movie with a few friends once. I never cared about FMA, so I was pretty bored. I also showed up to the school anime club once in a blue moon, like three times over my four years there, but I personally just prefer watching it alone.

  4. Oh wow that's a lot of people O.o