Friday, July 1, 2011

Weekend assignment: Introduce someone to anime

I'm sure you have some plans to watch anime this weekend.  I talked to you guys about your 'anime day', and most of you said that you check out anime on the weekends.  What better way to spend that hard-earned relaxation time than by kicking back with a few anime episodes?  I think it's a splendid idea, but this time around I'm hoping you bring some company with you.

We all have friends and family.  When it comes to family, I'm hoping some of those members live close to you.  As far as friends, there are all sorts of types to have!  You could have friends that you hang out with in person, friends that you talk to online, friends that you do both with!  Between all those friends and family members, I'm sure you have at least one person that hasn't ever sit down to watch an anime series.  Either that, or you know a few people that have only just scraped the surface of anime.

I was thinking we could all make it a point this weekend to find a friend or family member that was willing to sit down and give anime a try.  Out of all the people you know, I'm sure at least one of them is willing to indulge you for just a couple hours.  That's what friends and family are for!  Now you just need to round one of those people up and pick an anime that you think might tickle their fancy.

Remember, these friends and family members don't have to live close to make this happen!  You could go on Xbox Live and do a party chat with them while you watch a feature.  You could do the same while on the computer.  You could even tell a friend/family member to hop on Netflix in general and just give a specific anime a try.  I'm sure you guys can manage to find someone!

Who's up for the challenge?  Leave a comment or send me a Tweet and let me know it's on!

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