Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What anime freaked you out the most?

With all types of anime out there, you're bound to hit upon something that isn't going to sit right with you.  You can't possibly like every bit of anime that comes out, and every once in a great while you'll view something that is going to stick in your mind whether you like it or not.  It may have been a tad too creepy for you, or just downright scary.  Maybe it was plain weird, and just thinking about it gives you goosebumps.

This topic comes into my head right now because I've just watched two anime features that startled me in different ways.  As I've stated before, Dance in the Vampire Bund has some very questionable scenes that will forever make me feel a bit skeeved out.  Those scenes simply aren't going to be removed from my memory until I leave this earth!  I hope I'm around for a long time, but I'm none too happy about those specific portions of the anime sticking with me!

On a completely different level is Paprika.  This movie has some of the most amazing imagery I've ever seen.  Some truly innovative and original ideas pouring forth on the screen.  It just so happens that a few of those images can be a bit startling.  There are a few rather grotesque images that, coupled with their smooth animation, really leave a lasting imprint.  Nothing to wake me up in a cold sweat at night, but still, imagery that I'll never forget.

Out of all the anime content you've checked out in your life, what imagery managed to really creep you out?  I'd love to hear, and I apologize for stirring up any bad memories!


  1. Princess Mononoke freaked me out to some level as a kid.

    I don't think I've ever seen that much imagery on my TV before. Was pretty bloody.

  2. Higurashi, I almost didn't watch it because of how gory I knew it was going to get.

  3. Paranoia Agent was kind a creepy for me since I was younger back then.

  4. There's this part in Lain where she sees people that aren't there or something in the hallway at school, and some girl comes towards her with like 5 different screaming faces that blur together and then there's some flashback of that girl jumping into a traintrack to get killed.

    That scared the **** out of me when I first saw it for some reason (I had to have been in 8th grade or early High School when I saw it though).

    And there was a part in Boogiepop Phantom in the episode about Panaru, where the dead girl woul scream "liar' and her eyeball would roll back in the bloody mess she was. That left an imprint on me as well.

    And less scary, but moreso a scene that just upsets me, also in Boogiepop, was the episode with the brother/sister that could make random things happen and the boy wanted to take things apart. He blew a cat up in his hands with his mind. I can't erase that scene from my mind. I hate it so much.

    There are probably tons more, but I can't think of them now. I'm a bit sleepy and the last thing I want to think about are scary scenes in anime, as few of them as I come by.

  5. I'm not sure if I was most freaked out by it, but Perfect Blue certainly freaked me out real good.

    And the worst part is that because it was on Sci-Fi, it was edited for content and time, so I'm sure it was even worse than that.