Monday, July 4, 2011

That anime is too violent!

There are a few reasons why some people are automatically turned off to anime, and it has a lot to do with their initial viewings.  Depending on the content, I can see how they might take issue with what they see at first.  Like we talked about a week back, there's plenty of sexual content in some anime that will make new viewers uncomfortable and disgusted.  On the flip-side of that, some people are turned off by the level of violence.

Again, as we all know ,not all anime is super violent.  There are indeed some shows that push the boundaries of animated violence though.  I am personally not bothered by violent content, but even I can admit when some of the violence is over the top.  Not over the top in a way that bugs me, but over the top in that some people I know would be absolutely horrified.

When I had that discussion with my mother about anime, she felt that Death Note wasn't too violent, but Ghost in the Shell was.  Now when you look at it, there are far more deaths in Death Note than in Ghost in the Shell.  It's the way that the violence is shown in those series' that differ.  Death Note involves lots of dying, but you never really see blood or guts.  In Ghost in the Shell, there are some graphic actions taken against bodies.  Just like that, someone can be turned off to anime in general.

Do you think anime content takes violence too far sometimes, or is that just part of anime in general?


  1. Can't say it's bothered me in the past. In fact, one of the two reasons I got into anime in the first place was because my 13-year-old mind wanted to see a cool cartoon in which people's heads explode in graphic detail.

  2. Never really a complete bother, but always somewhat of a jolt.

    I could barely make it through Hellsing with a friend.

  3. I'm more botherd by real violence/blood. I would probably puke if I saw any of the SAW movies, but with Highschool of the Dead I took it fine.

  4. There's sometimes where I'm just like "Oh my dear Jesus." But never to the point of "BAN THIS SICK FILTH!"

    Higurashi I think was best when it was most violent, because the it helped emphasis the harsh contrast to the slice of life "WE'RE ALL SO HAPPY" environment of the show at times.

    Other shows, I don't really care if it is or not there usually.

  5. I have been watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood lately, and it is surprisingly violent for an anime that features a 14-15 year-old as the protagonist. That said, I think that the violence really helps drive home the point that life is painful for everyone and that things happen that don't seem fair. Life is sometimes messy, sometimes bloody, sometimes dirty, but ALWAYS worth the struggle. It is heart-breaking to watch Ed screaming in pain, holding the stump where his leg used to be, only to further trade his arm in return for his brother's soul.

    To me, violence needs a reason to be there. I don't get bothered by it, and I love a great fight scene, but it's obvious when it is being shoehorned in for no good reason. When the violence begins affecting the storyline adversely, that's when I draw the line.