Monday, July 4, 2011

Your last blind purchase/viewing

For as much information about anime that's out there right now, it's definitely hard to know something about every single anime out there.  With all the anime content available for purchase, download and streaming, you're bound to come across something that you may have only heard of by name.  Still, you managed to find yourself checking it out without any knowledge of the feature itself.

This actually just happened to me the other day.  When going through TIME's list of the 25 best animated features of all-time, I found Paprika on that list.  Due to the timing of Paprika's original release, I had never heard of the film until that very moment.  Seeing it included on TIME's list was enough to convince me right then and there that I needed to own it.  I hopped on Amazon and grabbed a copy right away, and now it's just waiting to be viewed this week.

This same topic also came up with a follower on Twitter.  This follower was on Netflix and randomly started streaming an episode of Shuffle!.  It turns out that they really enjoyed what they saw, and before they knew it they were 4 episodes deep!  The perfect example of knowing nothing about a series, and then being totally enveloped by it just a few hours later.

What was your last blind viewing or purchase?  How'd you stumble up the anime in the first place?  What was it about what you saw that convinced you that you absolutely had to check it out?


  1. I usually can't help it, and I have to go and check the reviews for anime to see if it's any good.

    But I guess Durarara!! could be a blind viewing. I tried to not look into it that much so I could enjoy it more.

  2. I usually read a summary of something. Although I pretty much went into Minami-ke blind. But honestly, you don't need much introduction to that kind of show. Usually once you see a few screens you know exactly what it's about.