Friday, September 23, 2011

Anime fans and their mash-ups

Anime fans are very, very talented people. Not only do they have a big passion for all things anime, they also like to take anime into their own hands. What better way to show your appreciation for an anime than by putting together your own video tribute?! It seems that many an anime fan feels this way.

The above video is a mash-up of the Durarara!! intro with some footage from Madoka Magica. I would never think to put these two together, but I'll be damned if it doesn't make for an entertaining video! While this is just one example, I think it goes to show how creative anime fans can be.

YouTube is absolutely littered with anime tributes, music videos and mash-ups from fans the world over. There are more and more features added every single day, with some truly amazing content being pumped out. It's almost like this tribute video anime content has become a subset of anime itself!

Are you a fan of fan-made mash-ups? Perhaps you've put together a few of your own! Feel free to share your opinions of this stuff as well as your own creations in the comments/Twitter.


  1. Yeeeah I love stuff like this.

    like this:

  2. this one's a classic...