Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How open are you with your anime fandom?

Everyone has their hobbies.  Some people like to watch sports.  Others enjoy putting together model planes.  I don't need to go through all the types of hobbies there are, because you already know that there are millions upon millions!  To each his own, and if you're reading this blog right now, one of your hobbies is sure to be anime.  For your own reasons, you find anime to be an enjoyable way to spend your free time, and I definitely agree with you on that!

I'm also guessing that if you're on this blog reading this article, anime is pretty important to you. It's a hobby that you like to dedicate a good amount of time to, immersing yourself in the culture. There's definitely such a thing as a passive and active anime viewer, and I'd like to think that we're more on the active side of things. We love anime, and we feel the need to search out more information/discussion on it.

While your anime hobby is something you do in your own time, I'm wondering just how much you make others aware of your interest. This could be through purposefully exposing your hobbies to friends and family, or it could be an element of your life that bleeds through into everything you do. Whether you show it off or not, just how anime influenced is your lifestyle?

Do you enjoy anime but keep those thoughts mostly to yourself? Are you an anime fan that loves to wear anime-related clothing, and spouts anime catch-phrases everywhere you go? Can you not go a single day without talking to someone about your love of anime? Just where do you fall on the anime fandom scale?


  1. "I may be destroying the language as I sing along, but damnit, I'm having a fantastic time!"
    It's good to know that I'm not alone lol.

    I'll also listen to an anime soundtrack whilst reading the manga if there is one i.e. Naruto or Mushi-shi.

  2. Very minimal. Only a few friends know about it. My mom sees me watching sometimes and is like those crazy cartoons.

    Other than that just internet people.