Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Getting there is half the fun...or all the fun?

Watching anime is always a fun experience, especially when you find a series that you really enjoy. Each episode you watch puts a smile on your face, and you can't wait to get to the next one. As you move along, you count down just how many episodes are left. You get deeper into the series, you see the story arcs reaching their pinnacle, and then before you know it it's all over. Then comes that feeling of sadness...or anger...or both!

While there are plenty of fantastic anime series' out there, it's often hard to find one where most fans agree that the series wrapped up in a way that was enjoyable. It seems that anime fans are very hard to please when it comes to the ending of a series. They enjoy the journey to the series' finale, but the last episode leaves them with a bad taste in their mouth. Unfortunately, that's the freshest memory in their mind for the series itself.

I think I'm a pretty easy-to-please guy when it comes to anime. The only feelings I ever get when watching the ending to an anime is sadness that it's all over! Of course, it's better to have a series end on a high note than have it driven into the ground, but that still doesn't make things ending anymore fun. I can't remember watching a series where I thought the ending was truly weak or damaging to the series, but that's just me.

What do you have to say about most anime endings out there? Are there any in particular that really rubbed you the wrong way or left you unsatisfied? Please leave a comment or hit up Twitter to let us know. I want to see if I've come across the same anime that you guys did, but managed to feel a different way about the final moments.


  1. Sigh,i was soo sad/annoyed when Junjou Romantica ended... it became my favorite Anime after i saw the first Ep, and when i came to Ep 12, i was pi**ed... and then Happy, cuz' i found out that it han another 12 Ep season.. ^.^"
    But when That season ended, i was sad/annoyed. I just hope it gets a Third Season someday. (but at least the Manga is still ongoing~<3)

  2. I...hate...when...the...main...character...dies

    Yes. Whole show ruined if the main character dies. But yeah I do get sad when I finish a series too, then I get excited that I get to pick a new one :P