Sunday, September 4, 2011

Durarara!! Ep. 11 - impressions

I thought last week's episode of Durarara!! had some major revelations, but I had no idea what was coming with this week's show. It's clear that we're at a bit turning point for the series right now, and the episodes currently airing are ones that are going to flesh out the story from here on out. Big things are happening, and they're going to completely change the tempo and direction of the show. So far, that seems like a very good thing!

When I go over this episode in my head, the only thing I can keep thinking about is the 'birth' that Celty goes through. Everyone's favorite headless motorcycle rider has been speeding throughout town, doing away with evil-doers for quite some time now. She's been doing all of this in as much secrecy as possible, with only the braying of her horse/bike echoing through the night. Now all that has changed in a big way.

Celty is oh-so close to what she's been dying to get back...her head. Now with the ball in her court, Celty has come forth and revealed herself in a huge crowd of people, right in the middle of town. Her helmet was knocked off in a bit of a scuffle, leaving her ghostly, headless body open for all to see. Obviously this scared many in the crowd, but Celty saw this as a true birth of herself in this world. She's been living in the shadows for far too long, and now she's moved from myth to confirmation in just a few minutes.

It's hard to think of anything else while all this took place, but we do have to remember that the mass of people in the streets was all due to a Dollars meet-up. A crafty plan was put into action, leading to the reveal of multiple Dollars members, some of which had no idea they were joining up with the Dollars in the first place! This also provided Mikado with a distraction to slip away from his troubles...but if you saw the end of the episode, you know things aren't going to be that easy.

So yes, we end with another cliffhanger. This one putting Mikado into some real danger. If you thought things were exciting last week, this episode really blew things out of the water. Where is the series going from here? Your guess is as good as mine, but everything I saw last night lead me to believe that some major changes are going to take place. This weekly wait for a new episode is really starting to kill me!

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  1. *spoiler*

    Yeah that was a very interesting episode. I had no clue Mikado created the dollars. I mean I didn't notice an subtle hints that he was. Maybe I need to see it again towards the beginning.

    It should be interesting where it goes from here.