Monday, September 5, 2011

Diving Deeper: Dissing Dubs

I've asked you guys to discuss what dubbing experience you checked out that really made you dislike dubs in general. Those answers are coming through on the blog and Twitter, and I'm sure more will show up as the day goes on. While those responses are great and much appreciated, I'd like to dive a little deeper into the subject itself.

I'd like to talk about what specifically about dubs it is that you dislike. I know that most do not enjoy them and I'm learning about your negative experiences, but I'd like to figure out what about about dubs in general really ticks you off. There are a few avenues of choice, as far as I see it.

Voice Acting: While I believe the quality of the voice actors for dubs has gone way up over the years, even I can admit that some dubs are still not all that great. There are some lower-rent voice actors out there that just don't seem to understand what type of performance is needed to really sell a character.

Poor Casting: Now this could be a fantastic voice actor, but the powers that be just picked the wrong actor for the wrong role. There are a bunch of great anime voice actors out there, but that doesn't mean they can fit into every single character out there. Lining up a great actor with a mismatched character for their range can result in a lackluster experience.

Twisting of Dialog: If there's one aspect of dubs that is worth complaining about, this would be the one. For those of you that want to experience a script as close to the original as possible, I can understand why you want to go with subs. Dubbing usually takes a large majority of the original lines and twists them a bit to better fit with American/European audiences. The thing is, these twists can result in lines that don't deliver the same impact that the original dialog had. It takes a skilled dubbing team to get things right, but there are still instances where people miss the mark.

Do any of these suggestions jive with you, or do you have another reason altogether? Leave a comment and let me know!


  1. It's getting much harder for me to complain about dubs. The quality is much, much better than it used to be in the 90s, both with lip syncing and voice acting. I've even rewatched some shows in English after watching them in Japanese because the dub is just so good.

  2. Well you don't have to dive deep with some people lol.

    Some people are just weeaboos who hate everything that isn't Japanese and they use the old excuse of quality as a scapegoat.