Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall 2011 anime season at a glance

I love this kind of stuff. Infographics are all the rage now, but this one is extremely helpful. Most of them are just flashy, which makes it nice to see one jam-packed with details. If you're looking to get a quick glance at the Fall 2011 anime season, this is the way to do it!

After looking through, what looks good to you? Any stand-out shows or artwork? Care to guess which shows are going to bomb and which will find a nice audience?



  1. Fate/Zero, Persona 4 The Animation, Working'!!, Bakuman 2, and Last Exile: Ginkyoku no Fam

  2. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi~<3 we really need more Yaoi animes. ^^
    As for the other animes... i can't make anything else out from that small picture... -.-

  3. new last exile...i dont know how to feel about that .-. oh dear. it could build upon the already great original or it could ruin it :/ overall, i think its a bad idea

    Its good to see shakugan no shana coming to a close...i havent watched the first two seasons but i've heard some good things.

    Also, go to the has a much better picture

  4. I guess people liked Bakuman enough for S2 O.o (I heard it was boring).

    Guilty Crown looks interesting.

    I will wait until a dub comes out for the Gundam show. That's just how I role with the Gundam series lol.