Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nicktoons to air Dragon Ball Z movie lineup this September

Did you know that Nicktoons has been airing Dragon Ball Z Kai since May 2010? I certainly had no idea! I think that's because my cable provider doesn't offer Nicktoons in HD, so it's not in the usual lineup of networks I scan. I'm very glad I found out though, because some big events are coming up for September!

I guess the series is doing quite well for Nicktoons, because they're lining September with a bunch of Dragon Ball Z movies! No, not that horrible live-action Hollywood adaptation! These are the animated feature films, most of which I've never seen! Time for me to bone up on the series while I can, and prepare myself for the incoming film flood!

The month's worth of films starts September 7th, and will air each Wednesday and Thursday at 8pm ET. You can catch same-night encores at 11pm ET and 2am ET. Nice to see some primetime placement for the series! Here's the lineup as it stands.

Wednesday, September 7 – Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan
Thursday, September 8 – Fusion Reborn
Wednesday, September 14 – Super Android 13
Thursday, September 15 – Bojack Unbound
Wednesday, September 21 – Broly: Second Coming
Thursday, September 22 – Wrath of the Dragon
Wednesday, September 28 – Cooler’s Revenge
Thursday, September 29 – Return of Cooler


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  1. Oh wooow. I didn't know that Nickelodeon showed anime stuff. Hey maybe they will take Naruto Shippuden from Disney XD and not butcher the OG content like XD has...