Friday, September 16, 2011

It's so hard to find good anime clothes these days

Being a huge anime fan, I like the idea of being able to show off that appreciation in any way possible. That doesn't mean I want to run around screaming about my anime passion in people's faces. I just want ways to express my interest in what anime does, and why I enjoy it so much. One of the best ways to do that would be by wearing some anime-related clothing.

Too bad I find it so ridiculously hard to find any anime related clothing that is well put together! I've searched the internet far and wide for various anime series, in order to find out what clothing merchandise is out there. Even with all the series' I like, I can't seem to find a single piece of clothing that I believe to be well put together.

One of the big reasons I love anime is because of the beauty that goes into the artwork. Unfortunately, it seems that most companies putting together anime-related clothing just don't seem to understand how to translate that beautiful content into something wearable! Without trying to be rude, I'd say that most anime clothing looks like it was put together using paint in Windows!

Am I just not going to the right places? Do you have a few anime shirts in your collection? If so, please point me in the direction of where to go to purchase! I'd love to see what's out there that manages to really capture/display the anime it sets out to represent.

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  1. Yeah I haven't taken the plunge into anime attire, but if you don't like what they are putting out, you can always make your own. Like make it in Photoshop and upload it on one of those "make your own shirt" websites.