Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sometimes I just want to watch alone

If you've been following the blog for awhile, you might know that I like to look at anime as a community activity. It truly makes me happy to tell others about anime and the great stories out there. It's hard to convey the feelings and shows sometimes, but if you manage to actually bring people around you to show them what's up, most of the time you get a few people with a change of heart.

Watching anime in a group together can be a lot of fun. You really get to see how people react to what you're showing them, and often times questions pop up every few minutes. I'm more than happy to answer those questions, and it really makes my day to see the gears turning in peoples' minds. It shows they're really giving this content a shot.

You give me a chance to watch anime with a group and I'll be there, but that doesn't mean I only watch in that setting. I really do appreciate when I get the chance to watch anime just by myself. Having no one else around, the setting nice and quiet, it gives me a chance to really absorb what I'm watching. I can contemplate what's going on and formulate opinions on where I think things are headed. It's hard to do that when you're in a casual viewing setting with friends.

Do you enjoy watching anime on your own or in groups more? Hopefully you have some friends and family to watch anime with, because that can be a great experience. Leave us a comment and fill us in on what your viewing habits are, and how you feel about the other end of the deal.


  1. Yeah I prefer to watch it alone. I can concentrate better. Also I know I wouldn't be able to watch a sub. with other people lol. Unless they were completely quiet, I would be too distracted.

    And the only group I watch anime is, is with you guys :P

  2. I always watch alone...

    except for a few times i guess. I watched Ponyo with my girlfriend and that was fun (but it was 5AM and she slept through most of it haha).

    Overall, its not really preference, its just easier for me