Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The wonderful story of The Big O's second season

The Big O may not be the greatest anime out there, but it definitely has something about it that gives you a great feeling. It's an engaging program that takes a more Western approach to anime, and ends up feeling like a unique blend of Eastern and Western design choices. It's definitely an anime, but it comes with a vibe and style that I've yet to see in any other series.

It seems that that design approach wasn't really what Japanese anime fans were looking for. The Big O's initial season wasn't all that much of a success, and it looked like the show was pretty much done. The first 13 episodes left a lot of questions unanswered, but most Japanese anime fans weren't looking to find the answers to those questions.

That's how things were going to stay...until Cartoon Network picked up the show for their Adult Swim block. I don't know what it was in particular, but the show managed to bring in quite a loyal following. The Big O really resonated with audiences outside of Japan. Could it be the similar style to Batman: The Animated Series buy told with anime sensibilities? Whatever it was, the results with international fans were great.

Things actually worked out so well that Cartoon Network helped foot the bill to get a second, final season made. The guys at CN wanted to know what happened to Roger and the gang, and with the support of viewers, they put out some cash to make that second season a reality. The Big O's second season is the perfect example of fans and the industry coming together to show their appreciation. The show may not receive much praise in Japan, but both Europe and America more than made up for that.