Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Is it really that hard to find an anime-loving girl?

Twitter is becoming more and more interesting to me. I really didn't like it at first, and while I'm not completely sold on it yet, I can see why people are so entertained by it. As I use it a lot for this anime blog, I've come across all sorts of interesting comments and opinions on anime. Recently, there seems to be a certain sentiment coming from a lot of guys.

I'm not sure why anime-loving males feel the need to take to Twitter about this, but that's not my puzzle to solve. I just sit back and watch the tweets as they roll in. Not surprisingly, guys talk about girls a lot. A lot of guys out there are looking for a nice female to settle down with, or at the very least, enjoy some of their free time with. The thing is, there's one prerequisite that they're hunting for.

Many, many guys have taken to Twitter to lament the hunt for an anime-loving female. They just can't seem to find a girl that accepts their love of anime, let alone watch it alongside them. Clearly they want a companion that is accepting of their hobbies, as any good significant other should be. I'm sorry these guys are having trouble finding that special anime someone, but is it all that hard?

Truth be told, I see females tweeting about anime a lot more than males! My daily Twitter hunts have me stumbling upon new girls everyday that are chatting about their love of anime. I just met a couple of girls virtually yesterday while tweeting! Surely there are plenty of girls out there that love anime, which makes me wonder why these guys are having such trouble!

Are these guys just not looking in the right places? Does their current living situation not provide a location that hosts a few anime-loving ladies? Maybe there's something else going on with these guys that is holding them back! Whatever the case, I'm looking for some female anime fans to stand up and shout their fandom loud and proud!