Friday, September 9, 2011

Taking in an anime convention

What better way to celebrate your anime fandom than by attending an anime convention? It's the one place where you can surround yourself with people that know what you're into and love you for it! Being able to dive into a group of people where you're accepted no matter what is just an awesome feeling. Plus, while you're there, you get to nerd out on all the anime you want!

I've been noticing an uptick in anime conventions lately. It seems like they're popping up all over the place. Some are bigger than others, but it's the spirit of the conventions themselves that really matters. It doesn't matter if a hundred or ten thousand people show up. As long as anime fans get together and share what they love, it's a good time.

I've only ever been to one anime convention in my time, and it wasn't even full-on anime. I honestly forget the name of the event, but it was a mix of anime and comics. Still, what I saw at the show was an absolute blast, but that was years ago. It's very clear to me that I need to get back into the convention scene and attend on of the many expos taking place.

Have you been to an anime convention? Please, let us know what shows you attended and how they were! Maybe you haven't gone to a show yet, but you're absolutely dying to. Let us know which one you want to attend, and how you plan on making sure you get there this year!


  1. My area is devoid of anime conventions :(. One tried to start up, but it sort of fizzled out and officially canceled a few weeks ago. Another one is trying to start up next summer, but I have little faith in it actually happening. I have to drive around 100 miles just to get to another convention, but I can't keep up with the times. A local convention has a small anime section, but I want a convention solely dedicated to anime and not just a tiny media room in the corner of the convention hall.

  2. Well, I only go to one convention every year, that's all about anime. It' usually around april or may. It's called ACEN. It's one of the biggest conventions in the chicago area. I just go there to have fun, and see all the panels. It's going to be my eight year going next year :P

  3. I'm heading to Geek Kon in Madison, Wisconsin tomorrow. I also went to a new con called Anime World Chicago a few weeks ago. Most conventions are a mix bag, really. I'm more of a gamer, and even I feel in-place. It's anime, manga, comics, video games, and internet memes. That's the basis of an anime con, regardless if it says anime.

  4. well i went to wondercon is sf and there was some manga and anime. i went to sacanime twice now, in January and last week. i have been going to Comic Con International for the past five years and there's alot of anime booth and vendors as well

  5. There's something called the MTAC in Nashville, but I never plan on going to it.

    Conventions aren't my thing.