Thursday, September 8, 2011

Anime plagarism benefits who?

I had this bit of information brought to my attention by a Twitter follower, and I found it more than interesting enough to share with you guys. The news itself is a little bit old, but it brings up an interesting topic.

As you may know, 5 cm per Second could very well be one of my favorite anime movies. It's absolutely gorgeous and it has a wonderful message to it, even if it tells that message through a sad story. It's one of those anime that really sticks with you and impacts decisions you make on your life after viewing. I sure hope you guys have had time to check it out.

Unfortunately, the gang at Liuzhou Lan Hai technologies Ltd. saw it as well. Why is that unfortunate, you ask? Well, this company decided to completely plagiarize parts of 5 cm per Second for their own film. How they thought they'd get away with this is absolutely mind-boggling. Check out the evidence for yourself below.

Blatant isn't even a strong enough word to describe this situation. I don't understand how a company could let this happen. I'm sure some animators at the studio weren't aware of the original film, but some definitely were. The company has since apologized for their mistakes, but I'm not one to forgive and forget. I find this kind of stuff quite abhorrent.

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  1. Weeeeell that's to be expected of China.

    Remember the fake Apple stores?