Friday, September 9, 2011

Your favorite anime moment

Don't you hate it when people ask you to name your favorite movie? How about your favorite video game? Okay...maybe 'hate' is too strong of a word. It's not like that sort of question makes people angry. It's just a hard one to answer, and whatever answer you give can be a very loaded one! With that said, I'd really like to talk to you guys about one of your favorite anime 'moments'.

I'm not asking about your favorite anime series or movie. That's much too hard to narrow down. I don't know that I could name a specific answer like that! What I'd like to hear is your favorite anime moment. It can be from a series or a film, or it can even be a moment in real-life that had to do with anime in some way. It's that moment that really sticks out in your mind and brings about a flood of great feelings.

For me, I'd have to pick the very first time I got a large portion of my family together to watch Death Note. I never, ever expected a large majority of my family to give anime a shot, but I was completely wrong about that. I just had to find the right series to bridge that gap, and Death Note was that series for me. The very first night we sat down to watch and everyone was blown away, that really made my truly happy. It's a moment in my anime travels that I'll never forget.

I've shared my moment, and now it's time for you to jump in on the fun! Think about it for a bit and then share your favorite anime moment. Again, it can be any aspect of anime you want, but it has to be something that really makes you smile when you remember it. The warm fuzzies, if you will!


  1. lol, too many to choose from! :D But One Funny moment that I think is extremely Hilarious is This one:
    From the yaoi Anime Junjou Romantica. Vid shows nothing graphic, though, so don't worry~<3



    I remember such a long time ago. Seeing this when I was young. I didn't even know what anime was. The part where the fish is in her mouth. That part stuck with me for years. But for the longest time I couldn't remember what the show was. Then a few months ago I found out.

  3. I actually just put a post for this very idea on the My Anime List site's Suggestion forum.

    Great minds think alike. : )

    My favorite Anime moment was the conversation between Naruto and Nagato ending the 'Pain Arc'.
    Like most guys, I don't like to cry, but I couldn't hold back watching the exchange between the two prized students of Jiraiya.

    One who could not move past his pain.
    One who was able to embrace his pain and move on.

    Their conversation was one which echoes the struggle of humanity throughout history , very much including right now with our species wrestling with past injustices of greed and unequal distribution of wealth and opportunity.

    Naruto is a wonder of a hero.
    The faith to believe in a peaceful world no matter how difficult a dream it looks to be.

    I hope My Anime List adds the option to list favorite Anime moments.
    Would be interesting and a useful tool for self recollection.

    Thanks for your time.
    Good post!