Thursday, September 8, 2011

Anime that's mainstream must be bad

To some people, mainstream is a very dirty word. Once something gets accepted/loved by the masses, it turns many other people off. This happens with all sorts of mediums. Bands are seen as sell-outs when they sign to a major label and their music catches on with the general public. Fashion is only 'high' when models and celebrities wear it. Apparently anime can only be enjoyed when it's not known by more than underground fans.

I've seen a few comments this week from Twitter users that referred to mainstream anime. They all indicated that anime that has gone mainstream wasn't worthy of being watched. One tweet in particular said that every fiber in this person's being was against mainstream anime, but they were still enjoying Death Note despite of that status. Does anyone else think a statement like that is absolutely silly?

This is the same type of dislike that I was talking about just a couple weeks ago. I often see people hating on shows like Naruto and Bleach because they've risen above the niche crowd to find a bigger audience. When that happens, some people are automatically turned off to the content. Why they can't enjoy something for their own personal interests is beyond me. How the appreciation of others is a negative thing also boggles my mind.

Do you think mainstream anime is a dirty phrase? Do you skip out on anime that is appreciated by a large amount of people, simply because of that appreciation? I sure hope you wouldn't close yourself out to anime just because of that. I'm thinking most of you enjoy whatever content you want, no matter what the general consensus is.